Our Naval Fund Expert Team

Naval Business, Financial & Maritime Legal Know-how with Global Experience 

Timo P Kiviaho

CEO, M.Sc., Ret. Adj. (Finnish Navy), Chief Naval Designer, Partner, serial entrepreneur

E-mail: timo.p.kiviaho@f6cccgreenships.fi

Mr. Kiviaho has a vast experience in the shipping, exporting, IT, logistics and Venture Capital businesses in Singapore co-operating with www.nomura.com private placements, Beijing, Norway and London working at Nokia China Investment in Beijing, French Sagem, Sunborn Yacht Hotels and as CEO for many start-ups. 

Timo P Kiviaho

Financial & Maritime Legal Councel & CEO



Arto H Lahti

Dr.Sc.(econ.),  Founder of Lahti Venture Capital LVC Oy, Investment Director & Chief Financial Advisor, Professor in Entrepreneurship (Aalto Uni.), Partner

E-mail: arto.h.lahti@f6cccgreenships.fi

Professor Lahti has over 40 years experience in Global  trade economic, establishment of new start-ups, Global logistics analysis and Venture Capital projects & research teams working in e. g. Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Norway. Professor Lahti was in crucial role with Mr. Kiviaho introducing the small-scale LNG Port hub technology from Risavika LNG hub, Stavanger, Norway, to Finland. www.aalto.fi/en/news/finnish-economys-problems-can-be-solved-with-german-model by doctor Lahti.


We are also actively working with Our senior advisor Team and linking institutions consisting of International senior executives and professionals in the Financing, Legal and Maritime businesses in Europe, Asia and the United States. 




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