Our Values & Services

We help the future Digital Ship and AI Port Technologies' Companies,  Start -Ups and Maritime Green Ventures & Finnish -based Innovations to Grow Profitably. Our Values - ⚓Global Maritime Foresight with Seaworthy Experience ⚓Green Technology - Based Value Analysing ⚓ Start-ups & Entrepreneur Friendly Services ⚓Integrity ⚓ Caring for the Blue Seas of the Future 🐬

Our Expertise Services  in Maritime Financing and Ventures:

-  Helping the new Naval Technologies Start - Ups to grow and internationalize

- Investing (minor / major share) in Our Maritime Portfolio Sectors, and Maritime Value Chain & New Building Shipping Financing

-Raising and Organising New Funds and Financial Packages to the Future Maritime Champion Companies, IPOs, 
M & A, MBOs and Mezzanine

- Maritime Legal Services and Due Diligencies

- Fund Managing Services 

 - Maritime and Shipping - related Technology Screening  & Valuation and Financial Ecosystem Advising Services 

- Maritime Innovations Patent & Legal Support, Maritime Industry & Cargo Specific Analyst Services, and Company Board Member Services