Next Generation SmartContainer Technologies for Multi Modal & Multicargo Purposes


The first standard shipping container was invented and patented by Malcolm McLean (USA, 1956), but before him the U.S. Army already utilised standard-sized small containers during the WWII. Eventhough entrepreneur Mr. McLean wasn't an ocean shipper, he stubbornly as an inventor managed to develop one of our modern time's biggest sea transport logistic innovation, namely shipping container TEU -unit (20", 40"). He owned the largest trucking company in thre country at that time. 

Currently, there are estimated over 500 million pcs of seacontainers to be at shore or sailing globally. Perhaps, we will see the Finnish -originated box -technology,  SmartMMContainers Reg. in the nearfuture bringing next value-added to the shippers and industrial seabound operators...