F6CCC Autonomous Ships Technologies Fund Oy

New School Finnish Autonomous and Cyber Proof Digital Shipping Future is Already Here. Global Autonomous Ships Market Value is Estimated to grow over 14 billion USD by 2025. We are Working with the Private Equity Investors, Pension Funds and Institutional Investors in the Field with Asset Valuation Target of 100 MEUR.  We are a Sustainable Shipping Development Fund promoting UNDGs and Making the Finnish Commercial Naval Fleet Emissions'  Carbon-free with Urgency to Tackle with the Global Climate Change Issue in the Seas. Because Our Common Baltic Sea is Worth It.

Finnish -innovated F6CCC© Future Green Zero Emission Container Ships Technologies & Outperforming Green Sea Logistics Innovations

Tapping the digital era of shipping with outperforming semi-autonomous and autonomous ships, and preventing the MV Evergiven Suez -grounding kind of risks of seized 20 000TEUs (old school shipping of economies of scale)  cargo with future 0 emission 1300+ TEUs economies of F6CCC c container ships performance (new school shipping).

We Are Investing in new ship designs and operating  concepts, Green Technology shipping, new fuel Technologies in the Box Ships Sectors with 1300 TEUs and more. We have stand-by tailored financial packages (5 - 50 MEUR) from the major financial institutions for the pioneering ship owners and shipping operators searching shipping finance for the new shipbuildings & retrofitting ships with zero emissions powered by LNG, Hydrogen or electric batteries. 

Further information about the Finnish F6CCC © ship design philosophy (Based on Dr. Kondrajeff's 6th technological long-cycles, Future 6th Gen. Container Carrier Class)  www.containership2.webnode.fi


F6CCC© Autonomous Ships Technologies

Autonomous ships USVs are providing next level performance for the commercial and military industry

We Are Investing in the unmanned surface vessels USVs Technologies, Start - Ups and Pilots globally. We are already in test phases with the Finnish relevant maritime authorities at seas. Should your company have value-added USV Technology, join our autonomous ships growth ecosystem with Private Equities, Wartsila, Kongsberg, Nokia, Ilmarinen Funds, EIB and Finnvera ship financing. 

More about autonomous technologies in Finland/ RAAS Rethinking Autonomous and Safety  www.autonomous.fi ,

and about the Finnish Regulatory Environment for Autonomous MASS  https://julkaisut.valtioneuvosto.fi/handle/10024/162560/  


Digital New School Shipping & Port AI Software Technologies

Tackling the Covid19 pandemia with technologies and digital cyber proof ships and Port operations

We Are Investing in Future Scaleable Digital Ships and Port Technologies, Big Data, AI and Cyber proof shipping software Companies and start - ups

More about Digital and 3D Modelling & Spacing in Finland 


Smart Sea Container TEU Technologies 

Multimodal Sea - Land - Rail - Truck Container Solutions from Door to Door

We Are Investing in the Smart digital shipping container development and related technologies wirelessly. The future new school shipping is here. Since the Introduction of the First Sea Containers in the 1950s. the Global Trade and Shipping Has Never Been the Same. Now It Is Time to Develop the Sea Container TEU Concepts Ever Further with SmartContainers.